Healthy Hydration For Your Hair

It’s no secret that hydration is key in the summer, not only for your body, but also for your hair! While warmer temperatures bring fun in the sun, time spent at the beach, park, or just outdoors also brings more of the drying damage that can stress your tresses. Moisture is the key—and healthy moisture . . . → Read More: Healthy Hydration For Your Hair

Slique Fitness Tip: Flexibility

Stretching is an often overlooked—but crucial—part of any workout routine. It can help you avoid injuries like pulled muscles and help decrease the soreness that follows intense exercise by improving muscle circulation. Stretching before and after you work out will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of your fitness routine.*

Hamstrings—With your feet shoulder-width . . . → Read More: Slique Fitness Tip: Flexibility

Slique Fitness Tip: Cardio

A successful weight management program consists of two main pieces; Nutrition and Exercise. The Slique Kit tackles the nutrition side, now it is time to look at exercise. This week, we will be focusing on one of the essential activities for healthy weight management: Cardio. Choose one of the following exercises to do each day . . . → Read More: Slique Fitness Tip: Cardio

Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo

Plant-based, safe, and environmentally responsible, Lavender Mint daily shampoo is an invigorating cleansing blend suitable for all hair types.

How to Use Use daily to cleanse and nourish hair.

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. . . → Read More: Lavender Mint Daily Shampoo