Baby Sleep Tonight

“A desperate mom came to the health practitioner with her cry baby in her arm. The baby would cry throughout the whole night – every night. The doctor suggested to use the Young Living oil blend Peace & Calming on the bottoms of the baby’s feet every evening, which she did. Peace & Calming smells . . . → Read More: Baby Sleep Tonight

To Calm my Noisy Kids

My three boisterous rascals were playing it wild again. No reminding words would calm them down. I was out of my wits on how to tame the kids. Then I had a glorious idea.

In the corner of the room I put 10 drops of Peace and Calming in the diffuser and let the calming . . . → Read More: To Calm my Noisy Kids

Raising Your Child The Right Way

Everything you need to know in order to raise a healthy and happy child!

Most parents struggle with the same issues as all other parents. Most parents find it difficult to find the line between nurturing and spoiling their kids. Similarly, there is also the question of proper discipline. What’s too harsh? What’s too lenient? . . . → Read More: Raising Your Child The Right Way