More of Baby Shower Theme


Baby and kid books are good gifts for the baby. With a collection of baby books, the parents can have a small library for the baby.

The decorations can be anything related to books. You can place books on the table, or design the walls with books. You can even have a book-shaped cake . . . → Read More: More of Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Theme Choices

There are people who prepare not to select a theme when they prepare for a baby shower. However, having a baby shower theme makes the celebration more organized.

When you have chosen a theme, you can easily think about what decoration you are going to use for your desired theme. Without a theme, you are . . . → Read More: Baby Shower Theme Choices

Guest List for Baby Shower

If you are preparing a baby shower for a member of your family or friend, make sure that you have prepared the guest list ahead of time. If possible, check with the mom-to-be to see if the guest list and the date are fine, unless you are planning a surprise party.

Sometimes, several baby showers . . . → Read More: Guest List for Baby Shower

Tips for Choosing Free Baby Shower Invitations

Preparing for a baby can be very costly. The parents will have to save for the hospital expenses, the baby clothes, the infant formula and the regular medical check-ups.

In this case, if the friends of the parents-to-be and relatives prepare a baby shower party, it can help a lot in minimizing the parents burden . . . → Read More: Tips for Choosing Free Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower FAQs (Part II)

Who are to be invited to the baby shower?

It depends. If it is a work place shower, naturally you might only invite co-workers of the mommy to be. Or if it is a family shower, invite family members. But you may also opt to just hold one big baby shower where everyone is invited.

. . . → Read More: Baby Shower FAQs (Part II)

Baby Shower FAQs (Part I)

A baby is always a reason to have a celebration. Thus, there is the baby shower.

Baby showers have gained considerable popularity in the past decade. This may be attributed to families becoming smaller; therefore each child gets more individual attention.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party thrown in honor . . . → Read More: Baby Shower FAQs (Part I)