Food for Breastfeeding Moms

In your third trimester, your baby was old enough to start getting a taste of the foods his or her mommy likes. Now that your baby is here and you’re breast feeding, your baby will get an even better taste of your favorite food.

Typically if you are nursing your baby you should produce anywhere . . . → Read More: Food for Breastfeeding Moms

Breast Feeding Toddlers

by Maria Schasteen

Because more and more women are choosing to breast feed their babies, more and more are also finding that they enjoy it enough to continue longer than the first few months they planned on. Breast feeding to 3 – 4 years of age is common in much of the world recently, and . . . → Read More: Breast Feeding Toddlers

Breast Feeding Complications

Sore nipples A lot of mothers complain about tender nipples that make breast feeding painful and frustrating. There is good news though, as most mothers don’t suffer that long. The nipples will toughen up quickly and render breast feeding virtually painless. Improperly positioned babies or babies that suck really hard can make the breasts extremely . . . → Read More: Breast Feeding Complications

Breast Feeding And Positioning

By Maria Schasteen

A lot of women prefer to wear a nursing bra to allow easier access to the breast than other normal bras. The length of feeding time will vary. Regardless of the duration of feeding time, it’s important for mothers to be comfortable.

The following are positions you can use:

1. Upright – . . . → Read More: Breast Feeding And Positioning

Breast Feeding And Jaundice

by Maria Schasteen

Jaundice is a result of buildup in the blood of the bilirubin, a yellow pigment that comes from the breakdown of older red blood cells. It’s normal for the red blood cells to break down, although the bilirubin formed doesn’t normally cause jaundice because the liver will metabolize it and then get . . . → Read More: Breast Feeding And Jaundice

Weaning from Breast Feeding

by Maria Schasteen

When your baby has stopped breast feeding and gets all of his nutrition from other sources than the breast, he’s actually considered weaned. Even though babies are also weaned from the bottle as well, the term weaning often refers to when a baby is stopped from breast feeding.

When weaning is a . . . → Read More: Weaning from Breast Feeding