Do It Yourself: Essential Oil Infused Foot Bath

Directions: Pour Epsom salt into a glass bowl or container (I prefer a Mason jar). Add your desired essential oils to the container. Stir contents with a metal spoon until the oils are evenly dispersed throughout the Epsom salt. Pour the salt/oil mixture into a container large enough for feet. Slowly pour in warm . . . → Read More: Do It Yourself: Essential Oil Infused Foot Bath

Genesis Hand & Body Lotion

Genesis Hand & Body Lotion -A fragrant blend of coconut oil, lecithin, and essential oils. It moisturizes, softens, and protects your skin from harsh weather, rough work, chemicals, household cleaners, etc. The essential oils of rosewood, geranium, chamomile, patchouly, jasmine, and rose penetrate and improve absorption, leaving the skin feeling smooth. Combined with the . . . → Read More: Genesis Hand & Body Lotion

What’s Red and Now Contains Grape Seed Extract?

Since NingXia Red® is one of our most popular products, I would like to discuss one of the exciting ingredients in its revolutionary formula: grape seed extract, or GSE. During the reformulation process, Young Living researchers discovered this powerful ingredient, which increases overall health benefits and allows for Halal/Kosher certification, two of their top goals.

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Romance the Positive

We are all attached to what we don’t want, because it’s a negative. What you romance, you keep. It’s like a flower. All of you have had houseplants. If you water them, they survive; if you don’t water them, they die. Mary doesn’t romance houseplants, she romances me.

But what do we find ourselves doing? . . . → Read More: Romance the Positive

Rose Ointment

Rose Ointment is a skin ointment that protects and nourishes the skin and is outstanding when applied over essential oils to lock in their benefits.

Note: Not recommended for heat-stressed skin initially but is very helpful to maintain, protect, and keep scabs soft.

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The New Vitassage Storage Case

As some of you may have noticed, Young Living’s exclusive Vitassage™ massager now has a new companion: the Vitassage storage case. This storage case is custom designed to be the perfect fit for the Vitassage, all while being a multifunctional accessory. The storage case will protect surfaces (such as countertops, tables, or any other place . . . → Read More: The New Vitassage Storage Case