Boswellia Wrinkle Creme

Boswellia Wrinkle Creme -Contains essential oils, wolfberry oil, and MSM for building collagen and minimizing fine lines.

How to Use: Apply directly to skin.

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Sandalwood Toner

Sandalwood Toner – An ultra-light hydrating liquid that increases skin moisture and smoothes the skin’s surface with MSM, essential oils, and herbal oils.

How to Use: After cleansin face thoroughly, pour a small amount in palm, rub between hands, and pat on face. Or apply to a cotton facial puff and pat on face.

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The Essential 7: Lemon

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a series sharing information that will teach you the many ways the Essential 7 kit can enrich your life.

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Eucalyptus Polybractea

Eucalyptus Polybractea -Well suited for topical application or diffusing. This species is highest in the antiseptic compound eucalyptol (about 80 percent) and has one of the strongest antiseptic actions among the eucalyptus oils. AVOID DIRECT INHALATION.

How to Use: Apply topically, diffuse, or use in a humidifier.

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Recycling Your Enzymes

As enzymes are broken down, some will stay in the cells, and some will pass into the bloodstream as amino acids. They become building blocks in the body. Now this is something that’s really interesting about enzymes. You never lose all of them because some of them will change structure during utilization. As they go . . . → Read More: Recycling Your Enzymes

Dragon Time Massage Oil

Dragon Time massage oil combines essential oils that hvae been researched in Europe for their balancing effects on hormones. In addition to massage, you can put 1/2 oz. in the bathtub for a soothing, refreshing bath.

How to Use: Massage on location.

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