Clary Sage Supports Hormone Function

Clary Sage is also in Transformation. It contains natural phytoestrogens and is a support for menopausal women. If your estrogen is low or your testosterone is low, or both, you are naturally going to have a tendency to feel a little bit depressed, your energy level’s going to be low, and you’re going to feel . . . → Read More: Clary Sage Supports Hormone Function


M-Grain -May help nourish those systems of the body that contribute to the relief of stress.

How to Use: Place two drops in the palms of the hands, cup over nose, and breathe deeply. Apply on temples, forehead, and back of the neck. Keep away from the eyes.

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The Beauty of Sacred Mountain

Another beautiful oil blend that I really like sharing is Sacred Mountain. It was one of my early blends after I made Valor. Why? Because at that time I was living in the city, and I missed my mountains, so I felt the best way to bring my mountains to me was to create a . . . → Read More: The Beauty of Sacred Mountain


En-R-Gee contains oils that were used traditionally for increasing vitality, circulation, and alertness in the body.

How to Use: Diffuse, put on ears, back of neck, put a couple of drops on a cotton ball and place in the air vent of the car, and dilute with V-6 Mixing Oil or Massage Oil . . . → Read More: En-R-Gee

Story of The Gift

Another oil blend that was a gift to me from my sweetheart is called The Gift. It has almost all of the oils of Arabia in it–sacred frankincense, jasmine, galbanum, myrrh, cistus, and spikenard.

When I was traveling in Yemen two years ago, I found the Commiphora gileadensis tree in Yemen. When traveling in . . . → Read More: Story of The Gift

Endo Flex

Endo Flex may help overall vitality. It contains oils used in our nutritional products that are associated with glandular balance and improving and balancing metabolism, which is necessary for effective weight loss.

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