Essential Oils and Humidifiers

Young Living does not recommend putting essential oils in a humidifier for two reasons:

First, too much oil in the humidifier system can clog up the unit—and they really aren’t made to clean. Second, many essential oils have what’s called a “flash point” or a point at which the oil combusts; different oils flash at . . . → Read More: Essential Oils and Humidifiers

Need Fresh Breath?

Most of us know that we should brush and floss our teeth to keep them healthy, but sometimes we may not have time to! If you’re like me and sometimes find yourself running from meeting to meeting or appointment to appointment, you may not have the extra time to stop and brush. That’s what makes . . . → Read More: Need Fresh Breath?

Getting to the Root of It—Hair Care Facts & Fiction

With the recent launch of Young Living’s new Signature Hair Care line, I’ve been thinking a lot about hair care. Finding the right hair-care regimen can be a challenge, especially with so many theories, rumors, and misinformation out there! So we took a look at some of the most common hair-care tips and separated the . . . → Read More: Getting to the Root of It—Hair Care Facts & Fiction

Better Health from Super B

Many people wanted to stay healthy this year. And their goal—eat better, get organized, take vitamins and oils more regularly, and try to be more optimistic!

Would you believe that there is a nutritional supplement that can help support many of these worthy goals? Young Living’s Super B™ supplement is known for supporting healthy energy . . . → Read More: Better Health from Super B

You Just Need to Believe

Since 1999 I have been using Young Living essential oils with my students, private bodywork clients, friends, family, and of course for myself. In all of my experience I can’t think of an essential oil blend that’s had a more profound impact on me than Believe™. It’s the perfect balance of Idaho balsam fir . . . → Read More: You Just Need to Believe

Staving Off The Flu

I, too, am fighting the flu. It started with an ache in the back of my neck. I drank Thieves in water all day, then rubbed Eucalyptus and RC on the front of my neck and put Peppermint on my nose. Day one ended with just a tired feeling, aches and pains gone. Day Two . . . → Read More: Staving Off The Flu