Non-toxic House Cleaning is Fun!

Today, house cleaning does not have to be hazardous. Throw away – better yet, bring those chemicals to the hazardous waste collection in your city. Then start healthy cleaning with Essential Oils! Refresh your house and your senses! Here are essential house cleaning tips for you. Give your home that personal, familiar scent that is . . . → Read More: Non-toxic House Cleaning is Fun!

Titanium Cookware for Wise Moms

The Young Living Titanium Cookware is a selection of the highest quality Titanium Pans available on the market. These pans are especially imported from Europe for our Young Living customers and distributors. Healthy living and healthy cooking is our philosophy. We just don’t use toxic pans.

To understand the quality and the difference of . . . → Read More: Titanium Cookware for Wise Moms

Put a Diffuser to work in Your Home

By Jim Lynn

Diffusing essential oils in your home is easy to do, but it’s knowing what to do and doing it that matters. To begin, essential oils are volatile. That is, they quickly evaporate, which makes them ideal for purifying the air within a home or office. People may place a drop or two . . . → Read More: Put a Diffuser to work in Your Home

What Every Parent Should Know

by Jim Lynn

Viruses, bacteria and fungi may have so called “modern” medicine over a barrel, but not so for a little known research laboratory tucked away in Utah, and a dedicated researcher named Sue Chao. Her clinical findings will stand the world’s health community on its head, but unfortunately, not before many millions more . . . → Read More: What Every Parent Should Know

Money for Stay at Home Moms

A stay at home mom can take advantage of the fact that she is at home and start an at home business. This opens the door for such possibilities as a catering company or even a sewing business—which is actually more popular than you may think. Also, some mothers make the choice to stay home . . . → Read More: Money for Stay at Home Moms

Baby Sleep Tonight

“A desperate mom came to the health practitioner with her cry baby in her arm. The baby would cry throughout the whole night – every night. The doctor suggested to use the Young Living oil blend Peace & Calming on the bottoms of the baby’s feet every evening, which she did. Peace & Calming smells . . . → Read More: Baby Sleep Tonight