Vaporize with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Here is the #7 of the things to do in “Colds and Flu-10 Things To Do”. VAPORIZE WITH THERAPEUTIC-GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS:

Inhale the following mix of essential oils or put them in a steam vaporizer:

* 1 drop of Lemon Oil (#3578) * 2 drops of Eucalyptus radiata (#3538) * 3 drops of Rosemary . . . → Read More: Vaporize with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Supplement Your Diet

A number of supplements have proven effective in supporting normal immune function. Two favorite supplements that are helpful during cold and flu season are: Exodus and ImmuneTune. Both are powerful antioxidants.

Exodus™ is a supercharged antioxidant formula containing echinacea and other herbs designed to support immune function.* Echinacea is one of the most . . . → Read More: Supplement Your Diet

Mother Knows Best

Remember when you were small and you caught a cold, and your mother fed you chicken noodle soup, and it made you feel better?

Well, research confirms that mother knew best. The protein in chicken contains an amino acid called cystein that has a structure similar to the drug acetylcystein.

Mothers knows best . . . → Read More: Mother Knows Best

Gifts for Kings: With Love

Enjoy these custom-created essential oil formulas that address a variety of concerns.

The Golden Touch 2™ Kit supplements the Golden Touch 1™ Kit. (7 oils – 5 ml each)

Give the Gift of Aroma-Essence for lasting, grateful memories! For more details, visit Golden Touch 2 now!

____________ This is brought to you by Maria . . . → Read More: Gifts for Kings: With Love

Titanium Cookware

The Young Living Titanium Cookware is a selection of the highest quality Titanium Pans available on the market. These pans are especially imported from Europe for our Young Living customers and distributors. Healthy living and healthy cooking is our philosophy. We just don’t use toxic pans.

To understand the quality and the difference of “titanium . . . → Read More: Titanium Cookware

Gift for Kings: The Healing Oils of the Bible

The healing oils, or essential oils as they are known today, are the aromatic, volatile, distilled liquids of certain plants known and esteemed for their therapeutic qualities. They are referenced in both biblical and ancient secular history, and are generally regarded as being mankind’s first known medicine.

The therapeutic bio-chemicals within essential oils are among . . . → Read More: Gift for Kings: The Healing Oils of the Bible