Help for Curing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks basically occur when the skin loses its elasticity and resilience due to over stretching. There are various reasons why your skin could undergo overstretching at various stages in life. The most important amongst them include excessive weight gain or loss and pregnancy.

As the repeated research studies have shown, stretch marks can never . . . → Read More: Help for Curing Stretch Marks

Pregnancy and your skin

Pregnancy is one time in your life when your entire existence goes under a major upheaval. From physical changes to mental metamorphosis, everything comes under the weather, for good or for worse.

If everything else is to change, how can your skin be left out? After all, it is your skin that holds you . . . → Read More: Pregnancy and your skin

The Home Aromatherapy Spa – Your Recipes

For all the mothers out there who’s planning to have a spa in their home. Here’s some tips for you.

If you are going to create a home aromatherapy spa then it is worthwhile to plan your treatments ahead of time, know who else is going to be attending, what specific treatments you are going . . . → Read More: The Home Aromatherapy Spa – Your Recipes

Make your own Aromatherapy recipes

Here’s the tips for mothers out there on how to make your own Aromatherapy recipes.

First of all, think about the type of recipes you would like to create, i.e. skin care, facial masks, hand creame, or massage oils. Read up on the volume of recipes that you can find in any good aromatherapy . . . → Read More: Make your own Aromatherapy recipes

Aromatherapy for mother and child

An aromatherapy treatment has so many benefits and can instill a sense of happiness, love and well-being into your child and this would be therapeutic for both of you. It also gives you time together, to learn, to absorb and to bond. Quality time can often be difficult to find, so this is a wonderful . . . → Read More: Aromatherapy for mother and child

Natural Baby Care Products

by Maria Schasteen

Natural baby care products are created using natural ingredients to sooth and nourish baby’s skin, having baby’s best health in mind. With natural baby care products, you can be certain you are using safe baby products that do not include synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives or coloring agents, or any harsh and harmful . . . → Read More: Natural Baby Care Products