Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

Because aromatherapy has a multitude of uses from general health and relaxation to healing for specific conditions, there is a great deal of important information available regarding this gentle, natural complimentary therapy through books, DVDs, courses, workshops, articles and magazines, and of course a multitude of aromatherapy products which would make a useful and practical . . . → Read More: Aromatherapy Gift Ideas

All About Baby Bottle Feeding

By Maria Schasteen

There are three types of baby bottles are available: glass, plastic and plastic with disposable plastic liners. Glass bottles are very durable but they are a little heavier to use and they are breakable. Plastic bottles are also very sturdy and are more lightweight. Bottles with liners are convenient since the liners . . . → Read More: All About Baby Bottle Feeding

Aromatherapy Product Groups

Invest in some good books or read articles in magazines or on the Internet and this will help you to see what you want to try and what you feel you need from this practice. It really is a matter of sourcing the direction you want to take, for some people it is learning about . . . → Read More: Aromatherapy Product Groups

Your Nursing Area

by Maria Schasteen

Your nursing area should reflect your personality. If you like a loud, yet friendly surrounding, you should consider setting in a corner of the living room or family room. Keep an extra chair or two near you so family members or even friends can keep you company. If you prefer peace and . . . → Read More: Your Nursing Area

What Aromatherapy can do for you

* Nourishes the skin when the oil is massaged in

* Can soften fatty deposits

* Relieves headaches which are caused by tension

* Helps reduce stress-related symptoms

* Promotes a feel-good factor

* Helps to remove toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system.

An aromatherapy massage is so much more beneficial than a traditional massage . . . → Read More: What Aromatherapy can do for you

The Effective Nursery Setup

by Maria Schasteen

The most important part of any baby nursery is the crib. You want to make it safe and cozy. No matter what type of crib you get, make sure it conforms to all safety guidelines and standards. Make sure the crib mattress fits snugly against the rails, so the baby can’t get . . . → Read More: The Effective Nursery Setup