Aromatherapy for Cancer Patients

Like so many New Age practices and beliefs, aromatherapy has ancient roots. The use of essential oils to affect mood and well-being can be found far back in Egyptian, Greek and Roman history. …While scientific evidence about aromatherapy is scant, its long-standing role in spirituality and healing, along with strong anecdotal support of its . . . → Read More: Aromatherapy for Cancer Patients

Choosing Popular Baby Names for Twins

by: Sarah Mitchell

Choosing a baby name for your new born can be quite a stressful decision. With thousands upon thousands of names at your disposal, you may begin to feel a little over whelmed. Well, for twins, you can double the trouble! This article is aimed at helping soon to be moms and dads . . . → Read More: Choosing Popular Baby Names for Twins

Essential Oil Travel Kit

With the travel time upon us, here are the Essentials you need to pack in your Essential Oil Travel Kit:

Essential Oils: Peppermint (cooling, indigestion, motion sickness) Lavender (sunburn, calming, insect repellent, for wounds, the “all-purpose” oil) Lemon (disinfecting, purifying, uplifting) Lemongrass (bug repellent) Eucalyptus (cooling, good for respiratory problems)[...]

Source: Essential Oil Travel Kit

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Baby Shower Gift

by Maria Schasteen

A baby shower gift is normally given by friends, close relatives or colleagues to the parents-to-be as a gesture of love, affection and congratulations. Giving a baby shower gift is an expression of happiness at the pregnancy and at the nearing birth of a baby. Baby shower gifts add a distinct charm . . . → Read More: Baby Shower Gift